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Hotstar Premium Account Free: Are You a Sportsman? Or a fan of a game who wants to watch live games on the phone? You are looking for a solution to the right place! Are you enthusiast of the game 85% of the Indian population and app or any website in which you enjoy the live game is here to resolve the Hotstar Premium account issue.


This is a place where you can download any games in which cricket, tennis, football and live and all other shows, Hotstar Premium, are under cherry chase at the top of the cake fun. Hotstars Life was founded in 2015, the app is Netflix India, there are many shows and web series, and there are many shows of daily programs that attract people and connect with its users with the app.a


With increasing popularity, the user base of the app is growing rapidly. And soon, he tries to do business with this application. The company is completely successful. Now the app performs a different plan for the user by presenting a series of different functions and web series and premium users and they also offer live matches to show the show, so TV Shows have never been late any sports channel app too late. To use this feature, you must subscribe to Hotstar Premium on your phone.


There are two schemes for the user

# 1 Hotstar Premium (999 Years / 199 Months Monthly): This schedule contains all the shows and websites which are under the premium banner and will be released in the future




# 2 Hotstar All Sports (299 Years Annual): This scheme gives the user the freedom to live up to one year of all types of sports.


How do I get free Freeman Premium?

The following tricks are thorough evidence and are used by our team and give 100% results when opening a Hotstar Premium account. There is another way to live premiums such as a SIM card, a virtual credit card, a third-party app, the following, etc. Premium account access, such as a user ID and password.


Get Method # 1 Backupout website ID and password

To access the premium account on Hotstar, the person must have a login ID and password that first buys the plan. There are many different websites where users can access this user ID and password. Fremitramium account from the bagmetout website

Direct visit bugle

To open a website here, you need to login and password on the website.

As you type "", enter the search results and see the results

Account ID and password on which the prize is already active

This site offers many IDs and passwords for other sites like HotStar and Netflix, Amazon Prime and other sites requiring payment.


Method 2 with Gio Television App

Now Geo is coming, the whole perspective in India is changing, the number of people using the Internet is increasing dramatically. This Geo has done many other services like Geo Music, to offer to listen to customers, Geo Money Wallet Geo Chat, Cinema and Bio Axioc present free TV shows on the mobile phone for all active users Geo TV. However, due to a true purchase by Hotstar, there are some limitations that are not available for Bio. Give the user a free hotstars premium account in solution of their geo


How To Use Geo To Get Hotstar Premium By Geo Sim

Find and open some TV shows from Star Plus, the open Geo TV app (

This will redirect you to the Hotstar app or if you do not have the Play Store to download the application.

If the app can not be downloaded, download, re-open the hostmaster application using the same method (from live TV)

The host server login screen asks you to log in, log in with the number or leave the login, it will be logged in with the Geo automatically.

As a Geo Account Login in other Geo-App, you want to leave your number only in Geo-App.


Use a virtual credit card / debit card

There is another option to use HotStars premium account with a virtual credit card. Generally, this application is a free trial for a month or two, but you will get a free trial for it. But you have to provide your credit card details. After the free stamp has expired, the money is automatically required.



But for some, it's a great way to get a premium for at least two months. To access such content, use the free virtual credit card application.You should delete all of this text and replace it with text of your own. You can modify any text on your page with the Text formatting tools at the top of the page. To add other content, use the Media and Add-ons tabs. If you'd like to change your style template click on Styles. To add or remove pages use the Pages tab.